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Visual Learner and Flow

Good morning. How are you all doing ? 

My wife was a teacher before we had children and I just asked her what is a visual learner and this was her response:

“Visual learning is one of 7 types of learning styles. They are usually slightly more creative, for example visual learners may be able to visualise a map of where they want to go with pictures for each major decision on whether to turn left or right. They use pictures and graphs or charts that describes the thing you are learning. Another example is if you are looking at a recipe, to learn it off by heart they would have visual clues, pictures of the ingredients to help cement the recipe for use later on.”

I am definitely a visual learner. I was never really an academic. I had a grammar school education and then I went to university where I studied Business Information Technology and then after that I went into IT In various roles. I really do bang on about Power Automate (Flow, we are going to have to assume Flow = Power Automate I’m gonna alternate between the two but it’s the same thing). I bang on about it work, my wife says that if I left her (I wouldn’t) it would be for Flow. I’ve even got the t-shirt ! I think the reason why I love it so much is because it taps into a visual learner’s mind. I’ve never grasped something so quickly and so well as Flow. I’m able to grasp concepts quickly, that was shown when I integrated a power virtual agent (PVA) with Flow I just picked up PVA really quickly and again Microsoft have nailed it by providing a brilliant visual GUI interface that is attuned to visual learners.  If you are a visual learner then I strongly believe you will understand Flow really quickly and you will be able to do all kinds of things to improve and automate your daily working life or even personal life.  Please feel free to get in touch if I can help you or your business with Flow, ahh I mean Power Automate -

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