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Sprint 0 Episode 1

🚀 New Podcast Alert: Sprint-Zero! 🌟

Jon Russell and Mike Gowland here, your friendly consultants at a Microsoft Partner. 🤝 We’re thrilled to introduce our latest adventure: Sprint-Zero Podcast! 🎙️

🔍 Dive into the fascinating world of Low Code Technologies, Artificial Intelligence, and Consultancy with us. Each episode is a journey through the latest trends and insights with our special guests from the Power Platform and AI communities. 🌐

🔥 Don’t miss our “Uncomfortable Corner” where we debate hot new features and share a good laugh (or two)! 😂 Our episodes are bi-weekly, packed with knowledge and fun, making your tech journey enjoyable. 🎉

🎵 Special shoutout to KenLikeFit for the amazing music that sets the mood for our tech talks! 🎶

👇 Check out our pilot episode here and join our growing community:

🎤 Fancy joining us on the show? We’d love to have you! Sign up here to be our guest:

👍 Hit like, share, and let us know your thoughts in the comments! Let’s make the tech world a little more fun together! #SprintZeroPodcast #TechTalks #PowerPlatform #AICommunity

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