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Scope ! I missed it !!

One of the major bug bears, up until recently, was copying and pasting items in your flow to other places within the same flow. In an earlier post I mentioned Scope, but I hadn't used it then, so this post is about that and copy and paste in general

It was nasty. I have been caught out a few times with copying and pasting the contents of an action to another action and then getting some referencing errors, which can take a while to set up again.

Well there are a couple of things that are in Flow now, one which I found a while ago and then one I have found more recently.

1. Erm... Copy and paste to clipboard.

All you need to do is click on the elipses on the action you want to copy and then click on copy to my clipboard.

Once you have done this, when you add a new action, click on the My clipboard section on the right and the item will be there for you to choose.

Remember here, that it is really important to rename your actions, otherwise things can get a bit confusing when you are copying and pasting elements to other parts of your flow.

2. Scope. Oh yeah this is good.

So maybe you want to copy and paste a larger set of triggers, say you have a group of items ,maybe an approval work flow that was based on a case condition, and every time the case condition changes, then you need to have another approval work flow to kick off and run.

Well that's where scope comes in.

Search for scope in a new action, it is part of the Control triggers.

Once selected, start adding your actions inside the scope for example:

I think you get the general idea.

Once done you then just click the elipses on the scope like did before for Copy and Paste and then go follow the steps I have described in step 1 above.

Scope is areal game changer when you are building floes where there is lots of repetition.

Hope this helps, if in doubt get in touch, always happy to help.

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