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Control Actions (well the ones I have used anyway)

I think control actions in Flow are probably the most powerful actions.  They take the outputs of previous steps and based on various things you can then do subsequent actions.


Condition is basically a bit like a if this do this.  So you could for example have a form and on the form you ask a question like “How am I doing?” (a rating between 1 to 5).  You might want to know straight away if someone rated you a 3 or lower.  This is a use case for condition.

You can set it up to say if “how am I doing?” response <= 3 then send me a mail.  Condition also supports AND and OR logical comparisons.

Apply to each

This is slightly more complicated.  Flow will automatically add these in, if it thinks its required.  For example you get details from a submitted form and then for each response, you will need to do some actions.  In the example below, it is getting the list of responses from the form trigger and completing the actions for each form that gets submitted:

Do Until

I think this is the hardest control to implement, well in IMO.  I won’t go into lots of detail here, but you can find more on my previous post here


I haven’t used this one yet, so watch out for future posts on Scope.


For those of you who might understand SQL, this is basically the same as a CASE statement.  Rather than using the condition control above, which means you must provide a result if the answer is Yes or No.  This allows you to run actions based on the response to a previous action and then on that response do x, y and z.  I recently used this in the implementation of a POC for a chatbot where I wanted various actions to run based submission of a multiple choice question.


Terminate, as it’s name suggests, does exactly what it says on the tin.  You can use this to exit your flows, and you can set them up so that depending on previous outputs of previous actions you can terminate with a success or a failure.  You can then view these in the runs of your flo

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