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Random Tweet and LinkedIn Blog post share

I was thinking the other day, “how could I have a list of my blog posts from Jon Does Flow and then randomly select one every so often and post them on my Twitter and linkedin feeds” ?

Oh yeah! The ole faithful the one that my wife thinks if I ever left her it would be for this....

Power Automate !

(She’s got a point, not that I would leave my wife though. She’s awesome!!).

What do we need for this then ?

Twitter account
LinkedIn account
Power Automate

First of all I needed to create a Sharepoint list to hold the URLs of the blog posts; the hashtags; the description and the ID (supplied by Sharepoint).

Once I had all this, I had to build my Sharepoint list and then get down to writing the flow.

I used a recurrence trigger to start the flow off and I set that for a couple of days.

I then initialised a few variables as strings, the title (will hold the description), the web URL - does what it says on the tin and the hashtag variable:

I then went and got the items from the Sharepoint list but I randomised that so that I didn’t always pick the same one. That’s in the compose step below.

The title, web url and hashtags variables are set and then a tweet and a LinkedIn is published :

It really is that simple. Now to add this post to my Sharepoint list.

As always if you have any issues or need some help get in touch -

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