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Power Platform Blog and Twitter Cheat Sheet

Updated: Jan 26

Hey all,

How’s it going?

Jon Russell

I recently started a Twitter thread where I listed some people in the Power Platform community that I regularly go to for tips, tricks, help and knowledge around the Power Platform and Dynamics.

Paul Murana suggested that I write a blog post that covers these people. Obviously this is not going to be an extensive list by any means, so if you have anymore for the list please either comment on this post or send me a DM on Twitter and I will update it. I will be coming back to this post again and again over the next few months as I find more blogs and YouTube channels. So consider this an ongoing project.

I’m also only putting people on the list who have a YouTube channel and/or blog/website.

Do you know of a blog that should be on this list, let me know by filling in this form here.


The List

Here goes.

Mike Gowland

The grand master of all things crab. The king of crustaceans. The master of mathematical Power Automate problems. He puts the JS in JavaScript. All round legend and co-presenter of the infamous Sprint Zero Podcast.

Craig White

Craig is a legend, pure and simple. His blog is class. I love how he writes about the Power Platform and comes at it with real world examples.

Matthew Devaney

Matthew‘s blog posts are deep and engaging. They are structured in a way that are amazingly easy to follow and that variety is staggering.

Paul Murana

If you want to know how to get around premium connectors in Power Automate, then this is the resource you need. More tech than you can shake a stick at. All round nice guy, one of the few people on this list I have met in person. You know lockdown and all that jazz.

Aaron Gumbs

An all-round Power Platform whizz kid. Don’t worry, he’ll find the kid reference funny. He was born in like 1999 or something silly. What this guy knows is staggering. Having been involved in Dynamics since the Big Bang and now firmly cemented into the Power Platform. There is not much this guy doesn’t know. He also knows how to “tell a story”.

Dennis (Expiscornovus)

Graph API ✅ completed it mate. Power Virtual Agents ✅ got the t-shirt

His blog posts are informative, interesting and I have learnt a lot from this guy. You will too.

Sancho Harker

Power Apps changed his life. I feel ya! Me too. His blog covers a lot and all the major components of the Power Platform, Dataverse, SharePoint. Go and check him out!

Jon Levesque

Well, if you are involved in the Power Platform or just looking to get started. This guy is the Daddy! He knows pretty much every MVP in this space through the amazing videos he has on his YouTube channel. I got into the Power Platform, which led to a job in it, through his YouTube channel.

A true legend.

Elaiza Benitez

The Power Platform contingent from New Zealand (others are available). Elaiza’s YouTube content is great. I suggest checking that out and subscribing.

Franco Musso

This is the go to guy for all things Power Apps portal related. He’s helped me out more than once, good bants in the Twitter sphere too!

Flow Joe

Joe Unwin knows a thing or two about Flow (yeah, I know Power Automate, but we both got caught out on the name change). His blog posts give you a step-by-step guide for every level from functions and expressions to deeper topics such as Azure VM automation.

Roma Gupta

That Techie Girl lives up to her name by producing great Dynamics and Power Platform content on her blog. With topics ranging from Power Apps canvas app forms to deeper parts of Power Automate. One to follow for sure.

Sharon Summer

Sharon leads the Cambridge (UK) Power Platform user group. A regular on the speaking circuit. Community at its finest!

Brian Knight

Do you want to learn about Power Apps portals? Then check Brian out. He has a Portal series which goes through each step of provisioning and configuring a Portal. Brilliant!

EY Kalman

AKA The CRM Ninja. This guy knows a thing or two about Dynamics. He's my go to resource for all things Omnichannel related as well as how to pass Microsoft Certifications. He also does a video podcast, where he interviews people in the Power Platform and Dynamics community

Recommendations from others

In this section I will also list out other blogs/Twitter accounts that have been highlighted to me, again not an exhaustive list as there is so much out there. But hopefully I will give you a starter place depending on which part of the Power Platform or Dynamics you want to find out more about:

Linn Zaw Win

Recommended by - FlowJoe

“A place to note down my learning experience in my Power Platform journey”


Recommended by - FlowJoe

“It's mainly Power Platform, but I'm writing a no-code / low-code system”

Joe Griffin

Recommended by - Franco Musso

“Joe Griffin 100% 👏 I recommend Joe’s excellent Power Platform exam prep content…”

I totally agree. His blog is great for this. If you are looking to pass one of the many Power Platform Microsoft exams, then Joe is the place to go to.

Daniel Laskewitz

Recommended by - Elaiza Benitez

One of many recommendations from Elaiza, “he usually covers the latest and greatest“. He’s also pretty decent at GTA !

Kent Weare

Recommended by - Elaiza Benitez

”[Kent] has understated Power Automate and Power Virtual Agent content”

I totally agree here. Kent has helped me out many times, especially with Power Virtual Agents.

Sara Lagerquist

Recommended by - Elaiza Benitez

From Power Automate to PCF controls. You name it. It’s covered here.

Power Platform Tip of the Day

Recommended by - Elaiza Benitez

Does what it says in the tin. Tips, tips and more tips. In easy to use, quick format style. Great !

Tae Rim Han

Recommended by - Elaiza Benitez

”Exploring and experimenting with all things Power Platform and Azure related.”

Natraj Yegnaraman

Recommended by - Elaiza Benitez

“My thoughts on Power Platform, JavaScript, C# and Software Development. Sometimes, I post when I am half-asleep.”

Scott Durow

Recommended by - Elaiza Benitez

Ribbon workbench master. If you know. You know.

John Liu

Recommended by - Elaiza Benitez

Blog? Blog? Maybe that’s not the right word. Maybe bible is better! John is the founder of Flow Studio Solutions. Providing two loved tools: Power Studio and Power Clarity.


Recommended by - Elaiza Benitez

Hi! My name is Diana Birkelbach and I’m a developer, working at ORBIS AG . Together with the team we develop generic components and accelerators for Dynamics 365 and Power Platform.”

Shane Young

Recommended by - Sharon Sumner

The content on Shane’s YouTube channel is ridiculous. So much great stuff there.

Tomasz Poszytek

Recommended by - Sharon Sumner

“Currently I’m focusing on self-development in “cloud” area, where I’m trying to get acquainted with Office 365 features and applications. I’m professionally and personally very much interested in automation of processes, digital transformation, digital workplaces and all tools that helps employees in that area.”

Reza Dorrani

Recommended by - Sharon Sumner

Reza covers a lot. If you’ve been on the Power Automate Microsoft community forums, then chances are he has solved a problem for you. His blog and YouTube content are great. Go check him out!

Daniel Christian

Recommended by - Sharon Sumner

Daniel’s videos are great, easy to follow, repeatable and informative. Great clear content from a Power Platform maestro.

Megan Walker

Recommended by - Sharon Sumner

“Thanks for visiting my site. I love learning and helping others in the process. I often search for solutions and find an answer that is so technical I ‘think’ it might be the right answer, but it’s just over my head. Hopefully, my way of explaining things can help people no matter their level of understanding.”

April Dunham

Recommended by - Roma Gupta

April knows a lot and shares this on her YouTube channel and blog. If you are just getting into the Power Platform, this channel is a wonderful place to start, develop and be curious.

Lisa Crosbie

Recommended by: Darren Neese

Lisa is a great teacher, and her YouTube videos are excellent, covering everything from Model-Driven apps to Power Virtual Agents, even touching on Power Apps licensing (impressive!).

Laura Rogers



Recommended by: Darren Neese

Everything from SharePoint to Canvas Apps tips and tricks are covered here. Nice!

Barret Blake



Heavily focused (though not entirely) on Power Automate, with occasional additions of Dynamics, C#, and Blazor.

That’s it for now

I’ll be adding to this as I go and as I find out more Power Platform / Dynamics content. As I said at the start this is not an exhaustive list. There are a lot of Power Platform blogs out there, be curious, search it out and good luck on your journey.

Do you know of a blog that should be on this list, let me know by filling in this form here.


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Jake Mannion
Jake Mannion
Dec 06, 2023

That is one heckuva list. 👍

Jon Russell
Jon Russell
Dec 06, 2023
Replying to

Cheers !!

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