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Microsoft Biz Apps Launch Event - new features coming to the Power Platform

Morning !

How are you doing?

I don’t know about you, but did you check out the Business Applications launch event yesterday? Every 6 months Microsoft launch new features through their Release Wave and here are some

of my favourite Power Platform Release Wave 1 components.

Due to some family commitments (we are trying to sell our house at the moment), I only managed to catch the second half of the live stream. But in that I caught the following

This is not the full list, there is so much more. To find out check the Release Wave 1 2022 documentation here.


Customisable views in Model-Driven apps.

This is a great addition. We are now able to change and customise our views inside Model-Driven apps. This means back end changes to views inside solutions, are no longer required, as clients closest to the business process can change what they need and save and manage their views. Sharing is also possible.

This will bring a greater degree of flexibility for anyone who needs that slightly different view of the data.

New Dataverse table designer inside the Power Apps maker portal.

Bringing the table designer from Dataverse into Teams into Dataverse, this will allow citizen developers to make changes to the table on the fly. This will give everyone a hub view of the table allowing those closest to the business process to make the needed changes to help structure and format their data.

Ability to build Power Automate cloud flows directly inside the Power Apps canvas app studio

We can now build Power Automate cloud flows right inside the Power Apps studio. No need to leave the comfort of your canvas app ;)

Resubmit multiple failed flows at once.

Yes!!! The ability to resubmit multiple failed flows at once is here !!

Undo a change in Power Automate

Have you ever thought, uh oh I need to undo that change I just made in Power Automate. Well now you can. There have been times where I have made a few changes to a flow, realised what I have done and had to start again. Well not anymore.

Collaborate with comments in the new Model-Driven app designer experience.

Comments were a new feature that were added to Power Automate recently, now they are inside Model-Driven apps.

This is going to really help foster collaboration and allow for tighter business process implementation with people closest to the solution provide insight on how best to solve the problem.

New accuracy analytics within AI Builder.

This is a really nice addition. The ability to train your AI model in AI builder and then be given a confidence score on it as part of an ongoing feedback loop? Yes please, go on then !

New Power Automate analytics

Want to know how “My flows” are doing. Sure. Microsoft has got you. The data is refreshed every 3 hours and is retained for 28 days.

You might want to know if a new flow has caused a spike in usage and to just get a general picture of how flows are performing. Well this is the place to go.

Power BI embedded inside Microsoft Teams.

Put your hands up if you want a Power BI app in teams 🖐

Taking collaboration to the data level in Teams. It’s your personal experience of Power BI in Teams. You‘ll be able to:

  • Create, view, and edit dashboards, reports, and apps.

  • Create and participate in workspaces.

  • Share content, either through email or through Microsoft Teams.

Ability to embed Power BI reports directly in Outlook.

You will soon be able to add Power BI reports directly into an outlook email as well as other integrations coming with other Office applications.

Data identification in free form documents with AI Builder.

This is one of the best features in Release Wave 1. The ability to select data from free form documents. Yes. Free form. You read that right.

I was watching the live stream and I felt like this was quickly run over. This is a real game changer. It will be in general availability in September 2022.


This is not the full list, there is so much more. To find out check the Release Wave 1 2022 documentation here.

Thanks for reading. What’s your favourite part of this release, leave a comment, let me know?

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