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I am really trying hard to get myself noticed in the Microsoft Flow field. I am always on the look out for ways I can help the community of people using flow, whether that be following the reddit Microsoft Flow channel or being active on the flow users community board.

I try and do equal amounts of Flow at work and at home for personal projects. I have my own business essentials account for my photography business. I am also being asked at work to show case Flow to different groups of people and am going to present and train some graduates at an up coming Office 365 conference.

I think the best way to learn Flow are through these interactions, so always keep an eye on Flow Community website and try and offer solutions if you can. I am still learning and very much on the start of this journey but I am learning all the time.

Flow has brought an extra level to how I work and I am always thinking, well can I automate that. Take for instance my post on my Photography contracting submissions, it just came to me in a flash of inspiration and Flow is all about thinking of those real world uses.

The other part of the flow community that I love is how easy it is and how approachable guys and girls at Microsoft are and they are all on hand to chat to, Jon Levesque and CRM Cat are great examples of what true ambassadors are in the Flow community.

So don't be afraid, come along, chat, contribute and be part of the ever expanding Microsoft Flow community of amazing people.

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