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Chasing approvals.

I have been playing around and getting support on this one for a while.  Power Users forums are your friend.

I had a use case where I wanted to get an approval for something, but then if that approval had not been submitted, then I needed to chase for it.

The trick here is that you need to set a variable, I’ve called it VarApprove and set it as an integer and set the value to 0.

Then later in the Flow, you have a do until loop (part of the condition actions) which loops through getting the approval if the VarApprove variable is set to 0.  If the approval/rejection is received, then the VarApprove variable is set to 1, but the whole time it is set to 0, then loop through sending a mail to the approver asking them to approve/reject the request.

Yes, this is quite advanced stuff, initialising and setting variables but once you get your head around it, it’s quite easy.

For setting variables, you must always do this at the start of the flow.  You can’t do it anywhere else.  Then you need to set them later on in the flow and use them in conditions or even as part of the text you need to submit to the receiver in an email or used later in querying a share point list.

We will come to all these things in due course, but don’t let variables put you off!

The other part of this flow that is key is here:

What this part is doing is setting up the time conditions for how long and how many times we want to send the approval reminder.  It is ISO 8601 format – more details here -

What this example means is that every 1 minute (delay) for a period of 1 hour, a reminder email, whilst the VarApprove = 0, will be sent 60 times.  Ok, so that is excessive, but I was just testing this out.

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