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Power Automate cloud flow that takes a Teams transcript and Summarises via GPT4

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How are you?

It's been a while, but I'm back and below I will show you a Power Automate cloud flow that takes a Teams transcript text file, summarises it with GPT4 via Open AI studio and then sends the summary to the meeting organiser, for them to approve to send it to all participants in the meeting.

I have added the solution as unmanaged and it is on my GitHub repo here:

Please see the video for more details:

Here is the actual summary from the video that used the flow to summarise itself. Yeah. What. I don’t even know if that’s English.

Teams Meeting Summarizer - Meeting Notes (2024-05-04)

Agenda Items

  • Demonstration of the Teams Meeting Transcript Summarization Flow

  • Review of the flow's components and operations

  • Decision making on the approval process for summarized notes distribution

Discussion Points

  • Jon Russell showcased a flow he created that processes and summarizes Teams meeting transcripts.

  • The flow waits 15 minutes post-meeting, then chunks the transcript to avoid exceeding OpenAI's token limit.

  • The summarized notes are sent back to the meeting organizer for review.

  • There's the potential for integration with wikis, although not covered in the meeting.

Decisions Made

  • It was decided to include an approval step where the meeting organizer can confirm before sending the summarized notes to all participants.

  • Jon mentioned plans to make the flow available on GitHub for public use.

  • The flow's challenge with programmatically finding the meeting URL needs addressing.

Action Items

  • Jon Russell to post the flow on GitHub and his blog.

  • Jon to work on a solution for automatically retrieving the meeting URL.

  • Further exploration into adding content to wikis using the flow.

Attachments/Documents Shared

  • Flow demonstration video by Jon Russell.

  • Link to the blog post and GitHub repository for the flow (to be provided).

Additional Information

  • provided insights into the technical details of the flow.

  • Further assistance may be needed for the meeting URL retrieval issue.

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