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###UPDATED### #HumansofIT are the stars of Microsoft Ignite London Day 1

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Big news !!!

Microsoft got in touch and I have written a blog post for their Humans Of IT series. You can find that here You can also join their community here

And their mentorship program here

Well... where do I start.

Microsoft Ignite The Tour - The London leg is nothing short or miraculous. The brand advocacy here is second to none, I've been to a few company led conferences before but this screams professionalism and community more so than any other IT conference I have been to.

As you know my blog is mainly about Microsoft Power Automate, but sometimes I am going to take a little turn to the left or right to bring you a different side of my story or others that I encounter.

My journey into this started by watching Jon Levesque videos on youtube, as I have described in another post. He has helped me many times, has been easy to reach out to and there is just this air, this culture of wanting to help. This was further manifested at Ignite yesterday at the Excel Centre in London.

I came sporting my #lesscodemorepower t-shirt, fan boy you might say? Well ok, maybe a bit, but Power Automate is enabling me to accelerate my career and get involved in projects, I thought a few years ago, would not have been possible.

Then, at Ignite, I came across the #HumansOfIT sessions. This has a true connection between people and technology, you can feel the energy in the room, the presenters - Dona Sarka, Dux Raymond Sy, and Samit Saini are all on point.

I am blown away by the honesty and courage these people have in talking about their neurodiversity and how important it is to look at things in tech and the world with different eyes. Samit works at Heathrow and was promoted into IT from a security guard role,. when after 24 hours exposure to Power Apps he built his own to help him and his colleagues get past language barriers at security check in. His story is inspirational and one that I am not going to forget in a hurry.

Dona talks openly about her issues with dyslexia but how it has become an enabler for here. Dux, an amazing character and superb presenter, talks about the 5 acts of kindness (a session which was up there with the best of the day).:

Step 1 - Start with yourself

Step 2 - Involve your community

Step 3 - Engage your company

Step 4 - Promote kindness

Step 5 - Meet people in their onlyness

What makes this even more special is that all of these people without question are approachable, engaging and eager to help human beings. This I think is the true ethos of #HumansOfIT and it is contagious.

I am back here for more today, and I am looking forward to being inspired, challenged and to learn more, much more than I ever expected to do.

And we are only half way.

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