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Export new SharePoint list items to existing table in Excel file

How do!

How's it going?

Man, it's hot here. I am absolutely melting. My loft is like the inner workings of the Crystal Maze dome at the end, you know when everyone is going crazy to try and find the golden tickets:

Any way enough of that. I was on the Power Automate community forums recently, and I came across this post:

"Has anyone built a flow to export new list items to an existing table in an Excel file once daily and could share? "

I thought I could have a go at that, and here is the result.

First things first, I added a Processed column to my SharePoint list which was of Yes/No type, the default value being no.

I then added a record in the table to simulate some dummy data:

I then headed over to Power Automate and created a new instant cloud flow.

First step, after the manual trigger is to Get Items from the SharePoint list, but to only get those items where the Processed value for that item was No (False).

Don't forget to add the single quotes around the false, as shown above in the screenshot.

Next, we want to add a new row to an excel file, I had created an Excel file called ExportDaily.xlsx and created an ID, MRN, Referred at and Status column and formatted it as a table:

Back at the cloud flow, I then completed the Add a row into a table step as below:

As soon as I clicked the ID field from the Dynamic Content, this step is put into an Apply to each loop, as there could be more than one item added to the list.

Inside the same Apply to each I added an Update Item step, and updated the item that I have just added, to set the Processed field to Yes:

You'll be able to test the flow now and the record will get added to the spreadsheet, and the SharePoint item's Processed status will get set to Yes:


SharePoint list:

Excel spreadsheet:

Now, I am going back to my loft to melt :)

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2 opmerkingen

hi, in my update item, there's no option to set processed to yes. would you know why that is happening?

Jon Russell
Jon Russell
25 feb. 2023
Reageren op

Hey. Did you create a column called Processed ?

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