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Why do I use Flow ?

I started using flow randomly. I was using Microsoft Forms to capture some survey results and I wondered, what can I do with this information. I saw that the results went into the responses tab and then I could open the results in Excel but that was about it.

So I started looking down the list of office 365 apps I had access to, and I came across the Flow icon.

I love the Flow logo. I think Microsoft have really thought about it. You can tell its about something external influencing an internal process, maybe I have looked at that logo too much haha.

When I started using it, connecting to forms and then posting those results out to a spreadsheet and then eventually on to Power BI, I was astounded at how quick it was to get setup and start using it...

And that is where we are going to go next, my first flow and what I was hoping to achieve from it.

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