Imagine if....

You are a photographer and you need to email your customers with the same email which identifies the service you are offering, the time and date of photography, the photography location and price.  Attached to this email is a formal contract where a signature is required from the photographer as well as the client. 

At present this process can take you 1 and a half hours per customer contact, sometimes longer depending on when and how the you are is soliciting the information from the customer they need to complete the contract. 

Well there is a solution for that.... Microsoft Power Automate:

A Microsoft Form is constructed to capture all this information required for the contract provision.  Once all that information has been submitted, you will go to the SharePoint site where this information has been saved and set the price of the work and check the details submitted by the client.  Once checked and all approved, a contract in a Microsoft Word document is built with all of this dynamic information and is sent to the client to sign.  A calendar event is also added to their calendar and your calendar so that you know when this event is taking place. 

This whole process once built in Microsoft Power Automate is low touch and can be emailed to the customer, from form submission, in 5 – 10 minutes.


The key participants in this service offering are the photographer who is closest to the process that is trying to be automated and myself as the service provider. 

I will aim to help these key participants.

There is a training need for companies who have recently joined the Office 365 service and have not realised the power of the Microsoft Power Automate (also known as Flow) application. Microsoft Power Automate is one of the Power applications from Microsoft (the others being Power BI, Power Apps and Power Virtual Agents).  It allows people to automate micro and macro business processes.  More information about Microsoft Power Automate can be found here - 

The mission of my company is to reach out and provide my services as a Flow specialist. My focus will be on customer service and building strong relationships with key stakeholders inside each client company I work with as well as ad hoc training and Flow setup/configuration. I will enhance these customer relationships so that they become collaborative thorough empowerment and teaching Microsoft Power Automate.  


My Business Overview 

Business Summary 

My business will provide empowerment to customers who want to utilise the potential benefits achieved by Microsoft Power Automate. My goal is to combine all the experience I have gained from working in Information Technology roles since 2001 and collaborate with customers and Microsoft Power Automate to help them gain competitive advantage by harnessing the automation and real time improvement gains so that customers can focus on more important time sensitive elements of their business. 


Mission Statement 

To empower businesses and customers to make automated decisions through training, configuration and support of the Power Automate application.” 

Jon Russell (Jon Does Flow – December 2019) 



My History 

I am very passionate about Microsoft Power Automate, having been in IT since 2001, I have always been interested in business processes and customer support. I am a visual learner and when I first came across this Office 365 product, it was like Microsoft had developed a product with me in mind.  This led me to start writing my own blog and now I want to be able to share the micro and macro uses that this product can provide by empowering others to use it to its full potential. I pride myself on exceptional customer service and this has been shown in all the roles I have worked in: 10 years at the BBC, 7 years at Amazon Prime Video and then at VolkerWessels UK where I recently helped train 80 graduates at a Digital Skills Lab development day. I also provide ad hoc training sessions in person and remotely. 

Markets and Products

Many companies use the Microsoft Office 365 suite of applications, these applications bring time saving enhancements; can improve data analysis; data capture and much more.  My company will help customers see the potential of these applications, notably Microsoft Power Automate, and how that application can be the corner stone to interface with other parts of the application suite. 

My customer base will be those who are new to Power Automate and have a training need or a specific use case that needs to be automated. I will be able to provide remote or onsite support to those customers with the goal to empower them to understand the product and be able to create “flows” for themselves and for their wider organisation.  


Service Description 

My service will provide training and/or configuration of Flows within the Microsoft Power Automate application in customer’s companies. The service offering will map out the current as-is customer journey of the process they are trying to automate and then reiterate over this process identifying: 

  • All the customer touch points 

  • Where value can be added to these customer touch points 

  • Service contingencies when the service is unavailable 

  • Adopt the “Plan, Do, Check, Act” continuous improvement cycle to, adapt and listen to customer feedback during the journey mapping process. 

Once this customer journey map has been completed, we will collaborate to create a Flow (Microsoft Power Automate configuration) that will automate this process. 

Cost of Services 

Please contact me on to discuss your requirements.


Market Analysis 

According to Enlyft there are 143k companies in the UK that use Microsoft Office 365 in their business. My target market would be those customers who have recently adopted Office 365 or are going through a process of digital transformation.  My customers would ideally be based in the UK, however a global reach is possible with the use of remote working tools such as Microsoft Teams. Identification of these companies would have to be through word of mouth and recommendations.